Bin Filled With Rubbish From A Home Renovation

How Do You Know What Size Skip To Get?

It’s not always easy to choose the right skip for a project, especially if the material you’re wanting to be collected hasn’t yet been measured. If you’re unsure what size of skip you need for your job, look no further – we’ve put together this handy guide to help you plan appropriately.


If you’re undergoing a kitchen or bathroom renovation, there’s a lot you’re going to be getting rid of. Bathroom renovations generally include removing cabinets, shower screens and curtain railing, floor and wall tiles, packaging, and possibly even a bath. Kitchen disposals are much more variable in size, with waste generally including cabinetry, benchtops, floor coverings, tiling, and potentially a stove or dishwasher. Bathroom renovations tend to require a skip size of 3 cubic metres, while skips used for kitchen work can range between 3 and 4 cubic metres in size.


If you are moving house, the size of skip you’ll need will depend on the extent of your clean-up. A large job involving the disposal of furniture, white goods, exercise equipment, bikes and general waste will likely require a skip size of 4 to 6 cubic metres. If the only waste you have is general junk, a 3 cubic metre skip should suffice.

Deceased estate

Cleaning out a home after someone has passed away is a heavy job, and you’ll usually require a skip capacity of over 20 cubic metres to hold all the waste.


Excavation work is a little easier to estimate. If you are excavating soil, you can conclude the size of skip you’ll need by multiplying the length and width of the undisturbed excavated soil, and then multiplying again by 1.3 to factor in packing. As excavations can come in all shapes and sizes, working out the volume isn’t always straightforward. It’s okay if you’re not exactly precise, as the packing efficiency will always be an approximate figure. All we really need is your closest guess to be able to provide a skip that meets your needs.

As soil generally weighs 1.5 tonnes per cubic metre, it’s important to check with us if you have any concerns to make sure that we don’t exceed the maximum lifting capacity of our truck.

Demolished brickwork or concrete

To accommodate waste after a demolition, multiply the length by the width and the depth to give you the volume of the demolished material, then multiply this number again by 1.5 to factor in packing inefficiency.

As with soil, brickwork and concrete usually weigh 1.5 tonnes per cubic metre, so we do encourage you to contact us to ensure a safe, reliable service.

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