What Actually Happens to Your Rubbish?

Pile of Garbage in Brisbane

The days are long gone when your rubbish was simply taken to a landfill and dumped. It was entirely inefficient and wasteful of the numerous resources that were contained in your rubbish.

Countries around the world have woken up to the fact that they were throwing away millions of dollars every year by simply seeing rubbish as something to disposed of ‘en masse’ as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Nowadays, recycling is the new norm. People must now separate their rubbish into recyclable and non-recyclable materials. This is the first step in the multiple stages of waste disposal.

The Local Rubbish Tip

Your local rubbish tip is where your rubbish tip is first taken to be separated by whichever coloured bins it has been deposited into. The green bin is for garden waste, the yellow is for recyclable materials and the third, grey or dark blue coloured bin is for general waste.

Garden waste is turned into compost and sold. Recyclable materials are transferred to a Recovery Centre to be further separated and non-recyclable waste is taken to a landfill to disposed of.

The Recovery Centre and Tip Shop

It’s at the Recovery Centre that the recycling process starts to happen. Your rubbish is separated by material: glass, plastic, metal, cardboard and paper. These materials are sold off to companies who make a business out of refining and recycling these materials to re-use in various industries.

It’s much cheaper to recover and reuse these basic materials than to manufacture them again from scratch. Plus, it’s much healthier from an environmental aspect. The more we recycle the fewer natural resources we use and the cheaper our products will remain.

Items that can be re-used are also separated into their own category and sold to a Tip Shop. These Tip Shops specialise in recovery of damaged, but repairable goods that are still able to be used.

Tip Shops are a valuable resource in the community as they serve to help the less fortunate by providing used, low-price, household items. They also lessen the need for additional landfill spaces.

Everyone should get in the habit of separating those items that you no longer need or are slightly damaged and take them directly to a Tip Shop instead of throwing them out. Brisbane has two Tip Shops in Geebung and Acacia Ridge.

The Landfill is The Last Stop

As a responsible disposal company, we absolutely hate to commit waste to Brisbane’s Rochedale Landfill. We always try to recycle and reuse as much rubbish as possible. The general idea is to try and eliminate the need for landfills altogether in the near future.

By separating your rubbish you provide a valuable step in the realisation of this goal. As the government cracks down on the production of non-recyclable materials and science continues to create reusable alternatives to the materials that occupy landfills, this is a very attainable goal.

Let’s all do our part to make the Rochedale Landfill the last landfill that Brisbane will ever need.

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