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Skip Bin Sizes – The Ultimate Guide

Unsure which of the many skip bin sizes Brisbane Skips offer is going to be right for your next project? We can help. Our team have put together this handy guide to the size of skip that’s likely to be best for your clearance project. If you need any further information about skip sizes, or need to book an affordable skip in Brisbane, please get in touch.

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3M Skip Bin

The smallest size of skip bin that we offer, this is perfect for a home clear out, garden waste, a couple of pieces of furniture or similar.


Length Width Height
3m3 L240cm W150cm H95cm with door


4M Skip Bin

Perfect for holding the waste from a domestic construction project, this is a popular choice with builders, kitchen fitters and similar. This skip is big enough to accommodate the waste materials from an entire room (for example a fitted kitchen) or a large-scale garden clearance.

Size Length Width Height




H95cm with door


6M Skip Bin

This size of skip will hold around eighty bin bags of rubbish! This size skip is normally used for larger construction projects. If you’re getting an extension built, or having a major remodel, this skip should be adequate for all your waste material. It’s also about the right size for clearing a one- or two-bed apartment.

Size Length Width Height




H125cm with door


8M Skip Bin

If you’re an office that wants to skip waste material over a period of time, this size skip could be right for you. Ideal for larger amounts of lighter waste, this skip can hold waste material from a larger home improvement project, or the contents of a small home if you need to complete a house clearance.

Size Length Width Height




H150cm with door


9M Skip Bin

This size skip fulfils much the same sort of function as the eight cubic metre skip: usually reserved for longer-term waste collection, or for larger projects. The additional room enables bulky, awkwardly shaped objects to be stowed, as well as smaller items of waste in high volumes.

Size Length Width Height




H165cm with door


12M Skip Bin

An absolute beast of a skip, the 12m cubic capacity skip is the largest size that we offer. Perfect for full house clearances or for taking away the waste from a whole-house renovation, this skip has a capacity that’s three times that of the more commonly used 4m cubic capacity skip.

Size Length Width Height




H190cm with barn doors


Getting a skip that’s too big could mean you’re paying for something you don’t need – ask us which skip is going to be right for your project and we’ll be happy to advise, based on your individual requirements.

Skip sizes do have weight limits

Although the weight limits for our skips are high, if you’re going to be filling a skip with extremely heavy items or materials, please get in touch so that we can work out a suitable solution that meets your needs. Similarly, if you are likely to be discarding hazardous materials (asbestos, chemicals etc), don’t use a skip – ask us for advice.

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