Waste Types

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Waste types
Builders waste, Renovators waste, Commercial waste, Household General waste, Old Furniture, White Goods, E waste, Plastics, Green waste, Wood, Metal waste, Bricks, Tiles, and Concrete waste, Landscapers waste, Soil and Dirt.

Before you hire a skip bin, it’s important to understand what types of waste you’re permitted to dispose of in one. You’ll also have to choose what type of waste you want to dispose of. For example, if you’re putting soil and dirt in your skip bin, you’ll have to dispose of household goods and furniture items in a different skip bin.

We can take many different types of waste in our skip bins, including:

  • Green waste: Permitted waste in green waste skip bins includes lawn trimmings, flowers, plants, sticks, branches, and weeds
  • Soil and dirt: Permitted waste in soil and dirt skip bins includes soil, dirt, clay, and sand.
  • General waste: Permitted waste in general waste skip bins includes white goods, clothes, toys, appliances, furniture, and dinnerware.
  • Building materials: Permitted waste in building materials skip bins includes timber, rubble, flooring, insulation, tiles, plastic, bricks, concrete, and plasterboard.
  • Glass: Permitted waste in glass waste skip bins includes recycled glass bottles and jars, glass construction waste, broken lightbulbs, and other glass waste.
  • Commercial waste: Permitted waste in commercial waste skip bins includes waste from schools, hospitals, construction sites, laboratories, and manufacturing plants.
  • E-waste: Permitted waste in e-waste skip bins includes TVs, computers, smartphones, DVD players, cables, and other electronic appliances.

If there’s something you want to dispose of that’s not listed here, please get in touch with us to find out if it’s permitted.

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What Can’t You Get Rid Of In A Skip Bin?

There are a few things you can’t dispose of in skip bins, including asbestos, batteries, chemicals, solvents, fuel, paint, and liquids. You also can’t dispose of illegal or dangerous items in our skip bins. Most of the items on this list are disallowed because they require special handling to be disposed of safely and responsibly.

Are There Charges For Any Types Of Waste?

Yes, some types of waste are classed as ‘special waste types’ and these incur charges when they’re disposed of at tipping facilities. Special waste types that incur additional charges include mattresses, tyres, and tree logs over 150mm in diameter.

How Can I Dispose Of Waste That Isn’t Allowed In A Skip Bin?

If you have waste to dispose of that isn’t permitted in a skip bin, it’s important to source responsible and safe methods of disposal depending upon the type of waste you need to get rid of. If you’re disposing of bonded asbestos, you can hire specialist skip bins for this purpose. For other items, contact your local council to ask for advice on how to dispose of your household and commercial waste safely.

Where Does Waste From A Skip Bin Go?

Most of the waste we collect in skip bins is taken to a nearby sorting centre where it is sorted for recycling and reuse. Items that can’t be recycled will go to landfills, and items that can be recycled will go on to create new raw materials and products.

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