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How To Minimise Waste In The Workplace

Waste isn’t just bad for the environment, it’s also bad for your bottom line! Purchasing more resources than you need to get the job done, or throwing away resources that could be profitably repurposed elsewhere means you’re consigning potential profit to the bin! Take a look at these five successful strategies that show how to minimise waste in the workplace without compromising on performance or results.

Consider Waste as a Resource

Packaging, scrap paper, card, toner cartridges, soft plastics, metals and food waste are all resources that, if appropriately repurposed or recycled can either save or make you money. At the very least, materials that are recycled don’t go into landfills. Given that many companies have to pay to have their rubbish removed, it makes sense to recycle as much as possible to keep removal costs low. Don’t forget that some waste materials can be sold on for a small profit – scrap metal, for example.

Enlist the Help of Your Workforce

Nobody knows your business as well as your workforce. In most cases, eco-conscious workers will have lots of good ideas for ways to reduce waste. Using suggestions generated by workers increases the probability of employee buy-in. In addition, there are many small behavioural changes that employees can make (for example swapping paper cups for reusable options, or setting up a food waste bin in the staff canteen) that can reduce waste across the organisation.

Launch an Energy-efficiency Drive

From turning off lights when not required through to switching to LED lighting, reconsidering the ambient work temperature and ensuring that new appliances comply with the highest grade of energy efficiency, there are plenty of ways to keep fuel bills low. With energy prices as high as they are, any steps to reduce energy waste are bound to be beneficial.

Make Recycling Easy

Employees are far more likely to adhere to waste reduction and recycling measures if the process is made as fast and simple as possible. Having suitable containers for waste paper, cardboard, cans and similar recyclable materials makes recycling as easy as putting an item in the bin.

Use Less!

When it comes to the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra, it’s often reducing consumption that is overlooked. It’s worth looking at every stage of your operation to see if there are ways to reduce the use of new resources in your operation.

Consider Swapping New for Used

It’s surprising how many businesses still tend to invest in new furniture, fitting and even machinery, rather than opting for secondhand choices. Secondhand plant, office furnishings and equipment can often give years of durable service. Using secondhand goods assists with the conservation of resources, reducing waste. At the same time, used goods are cheaper to purchase, potentially creating a reduction in outlay.

Don’t forget that when you hire a skip from Brisbane Skip Bin Hire for your workplace waste, the contents are carefully sorted after collection. As much as possible is reused or recycled, conserving precious resources wherever possible.

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