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Making The Most Of Your Skip Bin: How To Pack Your Skip

When you hire a skip bin, it’s easy to just start throwing in your trash. But packing a skip properly is a must, and mastering this can help you make the most of your hire. Read on for our handy tips on how you can make the most of your skip and pack it just like the professionals!

Load Heavier Items First

As a skip’s centre of gravity should be at the base, it’s important you load heavier items first so that they settle and prevent your skip from falling over. Flat items like wood, shelving, or furniture could also be loaded first so they lie flat against the base.

Evenly Distribute Weight Inside the Bin

Placing too much weight on one side of your bin will lead to an imbalance. After placing the heaviest items at the base of the bin, we recommend loading waste of various weights throughout the bin to keep it standing upright.

Break Up the Bulk

Furniture items or large branches should be broken up to save on space. If you’re left with irregular gaps, make sure you fill them with smaller items or waste so that you’re not left with air spaces. As you pay for a skip by volume, you’ll want to make the most of how much you put in.

Fill Up to the Rim

While we know you want to pack your skip full of waste, you should only fill it up to the rim. Skips that are overfilled are unsafe to transport, as they can easily topple over and cause damage or injuries. Transporting overfilled skip bins is prohibited by health and safety regulations, and any excess waste needs to be removed before your bin is taken away.

Follow the Weight Capacity

Skip bins also come with a maximum weight capacity, and your hire company will be able to guide you on this to ensure you’re loading the right amount. Be mindful of the capacity when you’re adding weightier items.

Separate Your Products

While the team at Brisbane Skip Bin Hire will help you get your rubbish to the right place, we always recommend recycling plastic bottles, paper and metals – this won’t just help you save space in your bin, but will also help protect the environment.

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