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What You Can And Can’t Put In Skip Bins?

The importance of knowing what you can and can’t put in a skip is that it helps to keep your skip area clean and free from obstructions. If something is placed in the skip that shouldn’t be, it can cause the skip to become too heavy and potentially dangerous. Loading a skip up with the wrong items can also make the whole thing combustible and at risk of a fire. For the protection of you, your family and neighbours, our team have created this guide on what you can and can’t put in skip bins.

What CAN Go In A Skip

A skip bin is a great way to get rid of large or bulky items that you don’t want anymore. But what can you put in a skip? Here’s a list of some of the most common things people put in skips:

  • Household rubbish – this includes pieces of old furniture, clothes, toys, kitchen appliances, and anything else fitting into this category that you don’t want anymore.
  • Green waste – this includes leaves, branches, plants, and soil leftover from tidying the garden up.
  • Construction waste – this includes any rubble, tiles, wood and nails leftover from a job.
  • Metal – this includes pieces of old cars, bikes, fridges and ovens that may have fallen off. Refrain from putting whole items in the skip as this will make the skip too heavy to take away.
  • Electrical appliances – this includes TVs, microwaves, and toasters. Ensure that you disconnect all devices from the mains before you put them in the skip – and don’t forget to pack away any cords and plugs!
  • Tyres – although tyres make both lists, there are some types that you can put into a skip bin but they need to be cut up first.

What CANNOT Go In A Skip

There are some things that should not go in a skip, as they can cause damage to the skip itself or problems such as leakages or bad smells on your street. These include:

  • Toxic materials – this includes items like oil, paint and batteries. If these are put into a skip, they can leak and contaminate the area.
  • Heavy items – if something is too heavy for the skip to handle, it can cause damage to the vehicle or the skip itself.
  • Sharp objects – if these are thrown in with other waste, they can cause injury to those who are handling the skip.
  • Flammable materials – if these come into contact with heat or an open flame, they can create a dangerous fire hazard.
  • Food – while food waste can be composted, it is not advisable to put it in a skip as it can attract pests.
  • Glass – this can include bits of window, bottles, and jars as their sharpness can hurt our team as we come to collect the skip.
  • Tyres – used for racing or off-road driving cannot be placed in a skip.


If you’re unsure if something can or cannot go in a skip bin, please give Brisbane Skips a call. We’ll be happy to help.

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