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How To Hire A Skip Bin: A Step-By-Step Guide

Ready to hire a skip bin for your next clearance project? Follow our four-step process to make sure you end up with a skip that’s exactly right for your needs.

Decide Where Your Skip Is Going To Be Located

Skips need to be located on a level, stable piece of ground. The location needs to be accessible to the skip truck so that it can be safely delivered and removed. It also needs to be accessible to whoever is going to be filling it. Note that if the skip is going to be left on the public road, you will usually need a council permit.

Decide What’s Going To Go Into The Skip

Before you can determine what size skip is going to be best for your project, it’s important to be clear on what’s going to go into the skip. If possible, try to collect your waste together in one place, ideally as close to the intended location of the skip as possible.

Once you’ve got it all assembled, eliminate any waste that isn’t suitable for the skip. This includes asbestos, chemicals, paint and oil. If you’re not sure whether something in your skip is permitted, give us a call and we’ll be happy to let you know.

Depending on the volume of waste material you’ve got, the next step is to pick a suitably sized skip.

Pick Your Skip

Skips come in 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12-metre cubed sizes. As a rough guide, a 3m3 skip will hold a volume that’s about the same as 16 wheelie bins. A 4m3 skip will hold an amount that’s about equivalent to the volume of 24 wheelie bins.

If you’ve got large, high-volume pieces of waste – a three-piece suite and a double bed frame, for example, then you may need a 6m3 or a 7m3 option.

In general, we would recommend the following skip sizes for various projects:

  • 3m3 and 4m3 – general home and garden waste clearance, one or two small pieces of furniture.
  • 5m3 and 6m3 – waste from domestic renovations or remodelling; larger clearances, such as the contents of an apartment, large pieces of furniture, and large amounts of garden waste.
  • 8m3+ – in most cases these tend to be hired for commercial waste removal.

If you’re not sure what size you need, please ask. If in doubt, we recommend getting a larger skip, to remove the risk of over-filling or needing to hire an additional skip.

For heavy items, why not hire a skip with a door?

Arrange The Date For Drop-Off

Once you’ve sorted out the location of the skip, the size you need and what’s going in it, the next step is to pick up the phone and arrange a date and time for your skip to be delivered. Firms like Brisbane Skips can often get your skip to you the same day, as well as offer flexible pick-up dates and times to suit your schedule.

For information and advice on selecting a skip that’s going to be exactly what you need, contact the skip experts at Brisbane Skip Bin Hire!

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