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How much does it cost to hire skip bins in Brisbane?

So many countries in the world make use of skip bins for rubbish removal. They make the waste disposal simple, easy and hassle-free for anyone. With many sizes available and some including doors for even more straightforward waste disposal, there is no need to go back and forth to the tip when clearing out those hoarded items! We’re here to save the day!

Skip bins are available in a range of prices. There are cheap skip bins as well as more expensive skip bins you can choose from. If you’re looking for a low-cost solution for your rubbish removal distress, then Brisbane Skip Bin Hire is your go-to

Here are some average costs to help you out on just how cheap skip bin service costs can be. It is important to have the facts and find out from a few companies what packages they have on offer so that you’ll know just which skip bin services can be considered as cheap.


The cost of skip bin hire

The price of skip bins does vary depending on the skip bin size and the time you rent it for. Although businesses hire at different rates, here at Brisbane Skip Bin Hire, our 3m skip bins start at a small price of only $320. 4m skip bins begin at $400. 6m skips can be hired starting from $575, but if you require something a little larger, we also offer 8m skips starting at $690 up to 12m starting from $920. If you are looking for anything in particular, you may be better off contacting us for your circumstance.

Skip Bin Size
Starting Cost
3m³ $330
4m³ $420
5m³ $500
6m³ $590
8m³ or more $720+

Hire period

One of the most critical factors that determine the cost of a skip bin hire is the hire period. This extra charge will be similar for most skip bin providers in Brisbane. At Brisbane Skip Bin Hire, we allow you to hire for up to 7 days before an additional charge is counted.


Cheapest skip bin service

One big reason why there are more price-competitive service providers is because of the unique design of the skips and also the service providers. Unlike standard skip bins, our skip bins have doors that can be opened. This gives you full access to the skip and makes it easy to load the rubbish, so you to pack more efficiently. This way, you can pack more waste into a smaller space and save on skip-hire costs.


When it comes to finding cheap skip bins, you should have an idea of the average skip hire costs first since the hire cost depends on the size of the skip. For more info regarding skip bins in Brisbane, Contact us at 0422 536 055 or have a look through our available sizes and prices today!

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